Moko Choirs

Jazz Mass project 2016

Since 2007 Thabang Mokoena has an intensive collaboration with
Eva Buckman, conductor of the German Moko Choirs

   Mokolé    Mokoyaala     Mokosheela    Mokolela    Mokosaana


Eva Buckman’s Moko Choirs have an exclusively African repertoire: they sing original African choral music in the original languages. And other than most European choirs they do not stand still, but move rhythmically, the Mokos sing and dance with body and soul.

Very much to the delight of their audience at home in Europe, Africa comes alive in their concerts. Thus their music is a journey through the African continent in every performance: from South Africa to Ghana in West Africa and to Kenya in the East.

The songs of the Moko Choirs reflect African life: gospels, songs about daily life and love songs. And when they come to Africa during the many journeys Eva Buckman organizes for her choirs, the African audience is just as delighted by the Mokos: they sing and dance like Africans! 

The Moko Choirs draw from the musical connection to the original. They learn their songs and their choreographies directly from Thabang Mokoena and other outstanding African musicians. One of them is Francis Baffoe from Ghana, conductor of the Akoo Show Choir, who often travels to Germany for workshops with the Mokos.